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Chlora Bella Concealer Color Correct/Foundation Palette - Unleash Your Flawless Beauty


With our Concealer Color Correct/Foundation Palette, you'll indulge in our rich, high pigment cremes that guarantee flawless skin all day. Mix and match these lavish colors to color correct and blend to perfection!


Why is our Full Coverage Concealer a total game-changer?


Flawless Coverage: Bid farewell to imperfections! Our avant-garde concealer color correct/foundation palette formula effortlessly masks dark spots, acne scars, redness, and discoloration, giving you a seamless, airbrushed look that lasts from dawn till dusk.


Lightweight Magic: Say NO to the drag of heavy concealers! Our feather-light concoction blends like a charm, offering a second-skin feel without clogging your pores.


All-Day Elegance: Tailored for the hustlers, our Full Coverage Concealer stays unshakeable, requiring zero touch-ups. Take on any challenge with a flawless facade.



The Chlora Bella Promise

  • Vegan
  • Clean Cosmetics
  • Zero Yucky Ingredients
  • Botanically Inspired
  • Stay All Day Formula
  • Safe for sensitive skin

Diverse Shades:
Embrace your uniqueness! Our wide spectrum of shades, from fair to deep, ensures the perfect match, letting your individuality shine.


Skin-Loving Formula: Our Concealer is infused with nourishing Vitamin E and antioxidants that pamper your skin. It’s not just makeup; it’s skincare too!✨


Easy Application: With our flawless skin concealer, you can apply it effortlessly with our Pro Glam Makeup Brushes or the Chlora Bella Pro Applicator.




Remember, Everybody Deserves to Feel Beautiful!



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