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The fun treat to yourself that will never disappoint!! 🥰 

Do you love lip products?  Lip Masks, Lip Scrubs, Mattes, Nudes, Lip Crayons, gloss and more? We sure do! This is the subscription for YOU or someone you REALLY love.

Every month will be something new, and no repeats all year! If you want to purchase something again, you can! But we won't send you the same thing twice! :)  We are on top of all the trends, and what is a great product and what isn't, so it is easy on you! Dropped off at your door or you can pick  it up locally!

When selecting local pickup, you can choose from the Iowa Park location or Wichita Falls location.

Shipped orders and pick up orders will be shipped/ready between the 15th-20th of every month. If you order in January your first shipment will be in February etc.

Cancel anytime! No worries and no hassle.