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You have arrived to your best, show-stopping look! The GreenĀ Glitter LipKit is sensationalšŸ’š

You can add this dazzling greenĀ glitter directly to freshly applied Velvet MatteĀ Lipstick in shade Velvet Emeralds,Ā making your lips resemble the most valuable emerald around.

This is the best way to make an entrance! These are perfect for cheer competitions, dance performances and the arts!Ā 


Pro Tips: We recommend applying the glue in sections to get extra glitter! Additionally, we suggestĀ ā€œpattingā€ into place with a flat eyeshadow applicator.Ā Once dried, lightly dust off with a brush, tilting your head down so asĀ to not get glitter on the face. If you want moreĀ glitter, use our clear cosmetic glue over the dried lipstick. This will create the most unique texturedĀ glitter effect. Be cautious, as this will likely leaveĀ a very textural feeling on the lips.Ā 


This kit includes: Biodegradable Emeraled Green Cosmetic Glitter, Emerald Green Stay all Day Velvet Matte Lipstick & Tube of Chlora Bella Cosmetic Glue

šŸ° Cruelty-Free & Vegan: Chlora Bella Skincare & Cosmetics is committed to a natural path to beauty. That means all of our products promise to be cruelty-free, vegan, and clean.